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The Hallmark Abstract Sentinel has moved!

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The Hallmark Abstract Sentinel has moved to a new location! Click to find out where we are and hit the Follow in the lower right-hnd corner so you don’t miss anything! The Hallmark Abstract Sentinel has been incorporated into the Hallmark Abstract Service website together with the same great content and information our readers find both enjoyable and useful! If you would like to renew your email subscription or begin […]

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Business Links of Interest for Christmas Week 2014!

business santa clause

With Christmas a mere two days away and 2014 coming up fast, one or more of these articles will hopefully prove helpful as we plan our business strategies for the New Year! Attract more real estate clients by eliminating tolerations, practicing extreme self-care – Read more about toleration avoidance or those little distractions that sometimes distract us from the greater task at hand! Get it Done: 35 Habits of the […]

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The ultimate in New York City living! (Photos)

new york city real estate

Very few Americans live life in the style that whoever buys this New York City townhouse has obviously grown, or will grow, accustomed to! On the market with an asking price of $114MM it provides all of the luxury that any buyer could possibly imagine and then some! But remember that $114MM is only the asking price and that you could come in at say $90MM to try and steal […]

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What mentally strong people tend not to do!

mental toughness

Great Life Lesson About Mental Strength by Amy Morin Mentally strong people tend not to do the following thirteen things! For those of us who own our own businesses or who are working their way up the corporate ladder, there are some lessons to be learned here! 1.    Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves. You don’t see mentally strong people feeling sorry for their circumstances or dwelling on the way […]

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Blackstone Group, the largest owner of rental homes in the United States! (Infographic)

blackstone rental homes

‘The Blackstone Group LP, the world’s largest private equity firm, became the largest owner of rental homes in the U.S., acquiring 41,000 homes in the past two years. In October, Blackstone offered the first-ever “rental-home-backed” security on Wall Street. The bond is backed by just a fraction — 3,207 — of the rental properties owned by Blackstone. Monthly rent checks from the properties will be used to service the $479.1 […]

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Business Links of Interest for Monday, December 16, 2013!


With this the final full week before Christmas and New Years it’s a good time to look ahead to 2014 and new strategies that we might be thinking about implementing or stories that may have an impact in one way or another on our business! These links are to articles that may be of interest. Starting the Year Right: Business Development Goals for Every Lawyer – While attorney’s are the […]

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A short story about business and billing!

business management and justifying your bill

At Hallmark Abstract Service very little time is spent having to explain the fees that we charge for the title insurance portion of a New York State commercial or residential real estate purchase or refinance! One reason for this is the fact that the premium charged for title insurance is fixed and will not vary from firm to firm. The other reason is more company specific and has to do […]

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